Finding a right wife to marry is not difficult but finding a person who is right for you is much more than difficult. People often look for a right person to get married but then end up leading an ordinary married life. It’s probably because love was not there at the very first place or there was nothing except love. Love is unarguably one of the most important pillars of any long-lasting relationship but there are many other things that need to be at its place to keep a married life healthy and lively forever.

Will you be reciprocated with all the lovely and happy things you are showering onto your partner or not? Are you going to receive support when needed and feel blessed or you will have to put up with all the unnecessary drama and regret in future? If you have also been thinking about any of these questions then this post on “qualities of a good wife” holds all the answers to your questions to help you in reaching a conclusion.

Let’s dig deeper into this and talk about all those qualities you need to look for in your partner to enable you to take a wise decision for the rest of your life. These are the signs that will leave no room for any confusion in your mind and will foretell whether your girlfriend is a marriage material or not.

1You are her first priority

She will always set you as her first priority over other people. Her actions will openly signify that you are important to her. If she does her best to make you feel special and hates disappointing you, you can be assured that her heart has fallen for you.

2She is intelligent

She has always something good to contribute to meaningful conversations. You can always rely on her suggestions as you know that she is smart enough to give a better guidance. When things spin out of control, she is capable of taking wise decisions which reflects that she is an intelligent person.

3She is ambitious

You can see a spark in her eyes when she talks about her ambition. She is not only a dreamer but also a strong follower of her dreams. Having an ambition does not mean that she should ignore everything and every relation. It simply means she wants to have her own identity and become something in life.

4She gives you space

She understands that you need your own space. Unlike other immature ladies, she never fights with you to be with her all the time. She understands the importance of your personal relations and that you have your own life outside of this relationship. She does not try to hold you back from spending your time with your friends or family rather she utilizes this time to live her life the way she wants. You are basically allowed the time to miss her and go back to her.

5She cares about you

This is one of the qualities of a good wife she should possess. If She doesn’t pretend to be caring but still showers a lot of care just because she is genuinely a caring person, you should be blessed for having her in your life.

6She motivates you to achieve your goals

Whenever you feel little low or down, she is amongst the first ones to uplift your morale and motivate you. Your life partner should be the one who can support you emotionally during tough times.

7She never holds grudges

If you make a mistake unintentionally, she will never try to take revenge with you and will forgive you. You better will not take an unfair advantage of her forgiving nature and ensure not to repeat.

8She is kind hearted

She feels bad when something bad happens to others. She is never spotted sounding rude to anyone or looking down upon anyone. You often see her helping all the needy people even if that requires going out of her comfort zone. She treats everyone with respect.

9She is mature

No matter how funny she is or how crazy she gets when you are with her but you will always see her taking mature decisions which you will admire all the time. She Knows when to follow her heart and when to follow her brain which is purely a quality of a good wife.

10She is not money minded

She values money but money is not the sole deciding factor in most of her decisions. She understands that most beautiful and valuable things in life like family, relationships or love can’t be equated with money. Investing in a lady who views money as secondary to her relations, is going to be one of your best decision you could ever make.

11She corrects you

She never tries to please you by compromising with your wrong decisions or bad attitude. Just like an ideal wife you will always find her rectifying your mistakes if she wants to stay with you forever.

12She is always ready to solve your problems

She is a problem solver and pulls you out of any bad situations. If you can view her as your support system intense situations it’s a plus point.

13She keeps her ego aside

This is one such trait among all the qualities of a good wife that should be there if she really likes you and wants to spend her whole life with you. She is realistic and accepts any disagreement between both of you. She is capable of taking a firm stand when needed but at the same time knows what to fight for and where to let go off. She doesn’t like to stretch things and values relations much more over winning an argument.

14She respects you

Lack of respect is the root cause for the weakening of any relationship. People often confuse lack of respect with lack of love. A respect for others opinions, space, privacy as well as for the differences is very much essential to give another person a sense of individuality and freedom. Love can bloom where there is respect but love alone cannot save a relationship if there is no respect.

If your respect and treatment to her are reciprocated to you, in the same manner, you can be assured that you have earned respect in her eyes.

15She is family oriented

You have a strong feeling that both yours and her family will remain more or less equally important to her in future. Why? It is because she likes to maintain a balance by spending quality time with her family. She prefers sharing happy moments with them instead of wasting her precious time on the internet.

The upside of being with a woman who is family oriented is that she will never be unnecessarily critical of your family also and at the same time would get along more with them.

16She values your culture and beliefs

You will always find her being interested and involved in your culture and ideologies. Even if she is not acquainted with your culture she will always try her best to get to know more just to make sure that she involves herself in every activity that revolves around you.

17She will never doubt you unreasonably

Assuming you are a reliable person, if she trusts your words and rarely doubts at you then she definitely is the one who deserves to be your partner. Understand there is a difference between an inquisitive nature and a suspicious nature. The habit of doubting others for no reason is the number one cause of breakups or ruined marriages. If her questions seem to you just a curiosity and she does not give skeptical vibes, consider yourself lucky.

Understand there is a difference between an inquisitive nature and a suspicious nature. The habit of doubting others for no reason is the number one cause of breakups or ruined marriages. If her questions seem to you just a curiosity and she does not give skeptical vibes, consider yourself lucky.

18She is not selfish

Giving importance to self is an important thing one should do. But if someone cares only about his own benefits or good then this trait can be attributed to selfish nature. Finding a partner who is not selfish should be yours one of the top priority because selfish people rarely do something for others. When they do something, there is either some reason behind that or they will keep mentioning about it all the time. Not worthy.

19She believes in healthy communication

If you have disappointed her, she prefers discussing the issue at hand with you to arrive at a solution rather than making the things worse by neglecting you or nagging you.

She is not a complainer and always follows a route of healthy discussion about your acts or habits or things that she is not happy with. But this doesn’t mean she can never get upset with you and expect you to give her attention. She has full right to do so but she will not use it as a tool to get her all the desires fulfilled or annoy you.

20She is ready to compromise

If she understands the need and value of compromise in any relationship. This is a deal maker because every relationship needs a share of compromise from either of the parties for the overall happiness of both of them. Therefore, it becomes very much necessary that both the partners are willing to sacrifice a bit. Nobody would appreciate that he is the only one working for the relationship.

So, if her acts of compromise are not forcing you can be sure that she is willing to give her best to keep you happy. Obviously, she won’t be the only one compromising in the relationship and she should not be at all but if circumstances demand a compromise at her end, she should be ready to come forward.

21She is loyal and trustworthy

If loyalty and trustworthiness come naturally to her, you definitely need to proceed on to a next level because these are the traits that cannot be easily found.

22She is not an attention seeker

She has outgrown the need to seek attention from others. She is absolutely fine with herself or her being not given importance everywhere. Rather, her this type of attitude attracts you more towards her.

23She has her own life

She has her own dreams and ambition. She has her own life, her own plans, few close friends with whom she loves to spend her time with.  She does not need you. Nor she looks at you as a ticket to fulfill her materialistic needs. She wants you. She wants you because she wants to share her beautiful life with you. She wants you to be a part of her life and at the same time want to be an important part of your life. This kind of lady will never be needy.

24Rights and responsibilities

She understands that every relationship comes together with both rights and responsibilities. She is definitely not among those who run from their responsibilities but ready to claim everything when it comes to their rights.

If she holds a firm stand for her rights and is always serious when it is the time to discharge her responsibilities, assure yourself that you are fortunate enough to find yourself a perfect woman who will be always by your side and ready to share the burden of responsibilities.

25She never gets jealous


She is not jealous of anybody. You have never noticed feelings of envy in her heart for any person. There are definitely some people whom she does not like but she never becomes jealous of their success, wealth or happiness. No matter what phase she is going through, she has never tried to find happiness in their failures or pain in their successes. She just focuses on her life and works every bit to improve it and make it more beautiful.

26She is a good listener

Who would not want a wife who is a good listener? It’s a world known fact that wives want to share everything with their husbands which makes it pretty much necessary for men to be patient and be a good listener. But, it does not mean that men don’t want to be heard. It is just that they are not assured that they will be heard without being judgemental.

If you have observed that she always listen to you with full attention and patience without giving a feeling of you being tolerated even if you are sharing something irrelevant, it is a strong indicator that she is going to be an awesome wife.

27She wants you to improve

She does not want to change you but she definitely wants you to improve. Improve to become a better person, improve to become more successful whether at the professional or personal front and improve to become the best version of yourself which also means she is a keeper.

Every girl can be a good wife but what makes her nicer, lovable and more compatible is the combination of the above-mentioned qualities that cannot be easily found these days. Any girl who possesses some of these qualities is definitely a deserving one to be offered a permanent place in your life who will add colors to your life.


  1. Hi! This article is very beautifully written and you have explained each point as well. I really like how you have mentioned some genuine points unlike others. I will be the happiest husband if my wife will be having all these qualities.


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