I like you…..but as a friend!

Aghhh! This hurts more than anything else in this planet.

There is a friend and then there is boyfriend, the place where you lie currently is between these two. You do sort of things for her which only her boyfriend would do but she doesn’t react like she is your girlfriend.

Always there are so many guys chasing a girl who end up getting into friendzone. Almost every guy has been into this zone so there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Girls are very particular about their boyfriend and like not to compromise at any situation no matter how good looking you are.

Instead of blaming yourself for wasting your time, let’s check out what are the signs of a guy being in a friendzone of a girl.

1She will not dress to impress you

It might seem bit weird but if she meets you up without her best look it means that she is not interested in you. Girls always get fully dressed when they meet someone they like. If she is coming to see you in lose Tshirt or with rough look and if you get a chance to see her without makeup then it is quite obvious that she has definitely made up her mind to be your friend and nothing else.

2She tells you about her Crush

It is not like she wants to make you feel jealous, girls have better ways to do that. She is just trying to share with you her feelings for someone else and it happens only when she feels that you are her good friend.

Girls never say that they have crush on someone else in front of their crush. Mind it.

3She ignores if you say something

You might have tried to flirt with her several times since you started talking but she never takes interest in whatever you say. She just laughs and tries to change the topic.

Don’t think that she is not aware of your feelings yet. Girls are quite smart and they know when someone tries to hit on them. She ignores your words just because she doesn’t wants to hurt your feelings.

4She will not let you adore her physique

She will share everything with you. She may cry on your shoulder too but one thing is for sure she will never get closer to you physically. It is quite an open declaration of her feelings and she will only do that with her boyfriend not you because you are FRIENDZONED!!

5She will never ask you about your type of girl

She will never ask you about your type of girl as she is not interested in you and if she asks someday maybe she is just curious to know what type of girl you want so that she can help.

If she really cares for you then she might introduce you to her friend and would ask you if she is of your type then she can help.

6She will never come alone to meet you

So now you must have got an idea that she is not hoping you to be her boyfriend and if not then just remember the time when she went out with you alone.

If she likes to be clear about things then she will never come alone to meet you as it will be called as date. She will always come with one of her friend just to make it a friendly meet and so you don’t get any wrong ideas and stop dreaming about her.

7She will never complaint

She will never complaint to you for not texting her all day or not calling her. She will not show any gesture that she was missing you even if she did because you might take it the other way.

Don’t lose hope. Find another one.


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