How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Go On A Trip

how to convince parents to let you go on a trip

You are excited to go on a trip. You are constantly imagining yourself having fun with your friends day and night and suddenly you realize it is nearly impossible without the permission of your parents. Convincing your parents to let you go on a trip alone seems to you a great obstacle between you and your dream destination.

Parents are always nice and kind unless you ask them to allow you to go to a far distant place all alone. Being parents, they are doing their duty. It is, after all, their responsibility to decide when to say no or yes for your good only. This however sometimes turns them into being overprotective and constantly denying you to give the freedom you deserve.

1Become a responsible person first

This should be number one on your list. Not only when you want to convince your parents to allow you to go on a trip but also almost every single day. First, you never know when you will need their permission. Second, it’s good to help your parents at home and make them feel better by reducing their burden of household tasks.

2Share the beautiful details of your destination

Show all the stunning pictures to your parents that will make them realize that the destination/ location is worth seeing. So that they can feel the same level of excitement you and your friends are going through to explore the place.

3Share the minute details

By now you have made them realize how good you would feel by going on a trip to the mesmerizing location. It is fine but not sufficient enough to convince them to allow you to go alone on a trip.

For this, you have to explain every minute details to your parents about the trip. This should include:

  • Name of the places you will visit.
  • People who are going with you.
  • How long you will stay there.
  • Hotel details where you will be staying.
  • Transport means that you will follow throughout your trip.
  • The overall cost of the trip.
  • Other details that seem relevant to you.

This will make them understand that not only you are serious and dying to go on a trip but also dedicated to putting the required efforts to ensure that the trip runs smoothly without any hassle.

4Act mature

All your convincing strategies will bring fruitful results only when you will act maturely to make them believe that you are smart, mature and responsible enough to go alone and handle on your own whatever comes your way. This is the best way to convince your parents to let you go on a trip without them.

5Let them meet your friends

The sole purpose of introducing your friends to your parents is to make them realize that the people you are going with are reliable, trustworthy and mature. This way you and your friends can get their trust and turn their no to a yes.

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6It’s all about budget sometimes

If your parents are worried about the unnecessary expenses, you have to make them believe that expenses are nothing in comparison to the learning and experiences you will gain along with fun with your friends. Here, you can lose if your trip is going to be very expensive and you have nothing to contribute.

It would be better if you always contribute some of your pocket money to bear some of the cost of the trip. Other than this, you know your parents are always generous to offer you happiness by giving you ample of money for your dream trip.

7You need a break

Make them realize that new experiences during the trip will help you grow and make a more responsible person. Also, tell them you need a break from the boring schedule. Exploring new places will help you bring change in your monotonous life routine and will refresh your mind to get back to your life with more enthusiasm.

8Understand their perspective too

When you will try to understand their perspective, you will know the reasons for not allowing you to go on a trip.

Don’t just keep ranting that you need to go there at any cost. Instead, tell them that you can understand their fears but you want them to understand that you are smart and responsible enough to go by yourself.

Politely trying to make them believe that they can trust you will actually help them to trust you instead of declaring yourself on your own that you are mature and should be given consent for a tip.

9Approach at the right time

Always try to initiate the conversation at the right time. Try to talk when your parents are in a good mood and do not seem busy. If you will talk to your parents when they are in a bad mood or are hurriedly moving out of the house, you will receive a big no as they would be just eager to shut down the conversation.

Also, never start talking immediately when they are back from office. This is the time when they are much tired and are more likely to reject your request. Let them relax and wait until you find them back in the pleasant mood.

To be on the safer side, try discussing the subject when they have sufficient time to listen and consider your request appropriately.

10Time to make a deal

There is definitely something and probably many things that hold much importance for your parents. These could be their demand of some changes in your habits or need of fulfilling your duties towards home or anything. Figure out them and jot down them on a paper.

Now, decide what you can do. Get ready to make a deal to complete those demands in exchange for the permission for your trip.

The more you are going to fulfill, the higher you have the chances of obtaining their permission for allowing you to go alone on a trip.


Your Parents love you and want to give you all the happiness you deserve. They never want to limit your fun and enjoyment by denying you from your freedom. Understand they refuse you only out of their fear for your safety as they feel you are not self-sufficient to take care of yourself properly. The moment they will realize that you are a responsible and mature person, they will definitely allow you to go anywhere. It is up to you that how you prove them that you are the mature, smart and responsible person now.



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