How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog?

how to convince your parents to get a dog

Convincing your parents is sometimes easy and sometimes bit difficult and then there are some issues when you receive a straight No from your parents. Convincing your parents to get a dog is one such issue that even adults have to deal with.

The reason parents refuse to say yes to you is that they just underestimate the benefits of dog ownership. Owning a dog surely adds to your expenses and responsibilities and this is one major reason for which most of the parents are not ready to buy a dog but keeping a dog has its own benefits also.

If you have tried all the tricks and now intending to give up the idea of buying a dog then you should follow these strategies that are sure to get your dream dog at your home.

1Show all the cute videos to your mom

Show all the cute dog videos that are going viral all over the social media and making you crazy day by day to own one. Show all the videos that are revealing the playful and cute side of dogs.

She will realize that dogs are cute and lovable. Also, these videos will grow an affectionate feeling for dogs insider her heart. Once you are able to change her mind, convincing your dad will be much easier.

2Tell her that you will take care of the pet

You have to ensure your parents that you understand the time that you will be required to devote to the dog.

Tell them you are ready to put all the required efforts by discussing how much time you will spend daily for taking the dog for walk etc and what tasks you are ready to take care of like regular visits to a veterinary doctor, shopping for quality food or buying medicine etc.

Once your parents will be assured that buying a dog will not increase the burden of their responsibilities as you are ready to take care of the dog, they will try to make up their mind.

3Bring a dog of your friend

Sometimes parents refuse to you because they feel that a dog in their family will change their daily routine. So, the best thing to make them realize that a dog in your family will not alter much of your routine is to bring a dog of your friend for a day. Make sure the pet is happy to come with you else you might risk your chance.

When your parents will spend a day with a dog, they will definitely understand that the presence of a dog makes you so much happiness. This is one of the best ways to convince your parents to get a dog.

4Tell them it is not costly

Expenses of keeping a dog definitely need to be considered. You can not conceal the facts from your parents. Both you and your parents are certainly aware of the rise in your monthly expenditure that your new family member would bring.

You should, therefore, tell them that you will get a dog that will not be very expensive and moreover you will bear all the major expenses or in case you are not earning then you will sacrifice a little bit of your pocket money just to have it with you.


Help them as much as you can. Whether it is doing the chores at home or buying something from a supermarket or anything else. Share the burden and let them appreciate you.

Do everything with the interest and not half-heartedly. By doing this you are making your parents realize that you are responsible enough to take care of a dog. Now, when you will approach them to get you a dog they will feel as if, it would be unfair to deny you.

6It will be fun

Dogs are always ready to play. They always return your love, care, and affection in twice. With this reason, you can persuade your parents to buy you a dog to bring a cute companion in your family who will add joy and colors in your life.

7Discuss the security benefits

There is a reason why burglars hate dogs. Dogs are protective by nature. They have been found to prevent burglaries at home to some extent owing to their barking habit and causing alert to the family members.

Of course, some preparation is needed in advance to train your dog to judge the abnormal or suspicious behavior of the strangers. But you can definitely expect some guarding benefit by keeping a dog in your family. This benefit is surely going to generate some love in your parent’s heart for dogs and convince them to bring a dog.

8Approach at the right time

Always try to initiate the conversation at the right time.

  • Try to talk when your parents are in a good mood and do not seem busy. If you will talk to your parents when they are in a bad mood or are hurriedly moving out of the house, you will receive a big no as they would be just eager to shut down the conversation.
  • Never start talking immediately when they are back from office. This is the time when they are much tired and are more likely to reject your request. Let them relax and wait until you find them back in the pleasant mood.

To be on the safer side, try discussing the subject when they have sufficient time to listen and consider your request appropriately.

9Research of the breed

When you have researched thoroughly about the breed you want to buy, you can explain them better what all will be the needs of the dog and how those will be met. Moreover, your parents will be less likely to put off your request just because they don’t want you to feel disappointed after doing this much research for your loving dog.

10More outdoor time

How can your parents deny you when you will come up with this point. Owning a dog is bound to make you spend more time outside your home which will make you more fit and healthy.

11Give and take policy

You have been probably asked to do a certain task many times before that you have failed to do or are simply avoiding. That’s what your parents want. That’s what your parents need from you. Give them the offer of fulfilling that need in exchange of your need of a dog. You can surely get settled with this one.

12Take “No” as “Not Now”

Let’s say you still have not been able to persuade your parents to get you a dog. Don’t lose hopes. Just tell them that you still want them to think more about it. This way you are showing that you are mature and have patience.

In the Meantime, you can also think how you can present your side the next time when you will start the conversation. Chances are that next time you are going to convince them as you will be knowing their serious concerns and you will be better prepared with the perfect answers.


Do not pressurize your parents by resorting to unfair means like crying or giving them the silent treatment or showing kind of serious disappointment. Receiving their consent in this manner will not be worthy. Buying a dog should be a family decision.

Moreover, dog ownership comes with huge responsibility. You have to shower lots of love, care, and affection to your dog. Before you are intending to convince your parents, prepare yourself to accept any alterations in your schedule and additions in your responsibilities.

Apart from that just remind your parents of the several benefits that you will derive automatically by keeping a dog and you are set to use the above-mentioned strategies to convince your parents to get a dog.


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