Your eye color tells a lot about you. It reveals some of the secret about your personality and your behavior. Your eyes not only add up to your beauty, they also describe your nature like how you react to the situations or how you treat people around you. It also indicates that if you are an introvert or extrovert.

In short, your eye color describes you. In some scientific research and personality tests it is found that there is some similarity between people with same eye color. So we will not be surprised if you choose your soulmate to be of same eye color as yours.

Let’s look at what your eyes tell about you.

1. Dark Brown/ Black eyes

People with dark brown eyes never quit

It is by far the most common eye color. People having dark brown eye color also show up black color sometimes. It tells that they have a leadership qualities. They are trustworthy and responsible. They like to keep their secrets as secrets forever. They can be introvert and extrovert on the same time. Their behavior totally depends on how much they like people. They tend to be loyal and commit to their friendship forever.

People with dark eye color also show personality of being spiritual. They can be extremely hard working and optimistic.

Those who have dark brown or close to black eye color also have advantage over people with light eye color in terms of eye vision. They are less prone to disease macular degeneration (condition which affects the central part of the retina resulting in distortion or loss of central vision).

2. Light Brown

people with brown eyes are more jolly in nature

People with light brown eye color are more competitive, energetic and are always up for challenges. They are more confident than other people and are also attractive. They are very flexible in nature and get fit into anything. They like making new friends and are also fun loving. They are more lively and desire to try new things everyday. They are independent soul and very helping in nature. They are also nature loving and so they like traveling to places where there is display of pure nature.

3. Green

green eyes are not common at all

Green is the rarest eye color among all others. People with green eyes have incredible ability to attract people. These people are an enigma and intelligent as well. They sure are unique than others and are special. People give them attention more than other people just because their personality is different due to their eye color. They live their life to the fullest. They can have an acute impact on every emotion and are taken very seriously. They also live young for longer period than other people.

4. Grey

people with grey eyes are different than others

People with grey eyes are more gentle and expected to be least aggressive than others. They are born leaders and always passionate towards their talent. They take relationships seriously which also predicts that they are emotional and sensitive too. They have a very positive attitude towards their life but they often underestimate their abilities and lack confidence. However their thinking and creativity is beyond our imagination. This gives them an upper hand in their career.

5. Blue

blue eye color people are more energetic


There is no doubt if we ask people about their favorite eye color then blue will be everyone’s choice. Blue is the more desired eye color and everyone wishes for it. There is something fresh and unique about blue eyes that everyone gets attracted towards them. They always get what they want. They are dominating and kind as well. They are smart and very energetic. They don’t like to be surrounded with negative people and get rid of them very soon. They are very choosy in friendships and walk some extra miles to make their friends comfortable and feel better with them. They keep their promises and fulfill their commitments. They are bit egoistic but that’s all accepted considering the level of charm they have.

6. Hazel

People with hazel eye color are most attractive

Hazel is a beautiful mix of brown and green color. You can never take your eyes off when you meet them for the first time. They are very brave and can be found doing things which other people find it deadly. They are very adventurous and like to explore new places. They enjoy their own company. They seem to be great minds and are known as trend setters. They can be high tempered and their relationships don’t last for long. They can’t help themselves sometimes when they get stuck into difficult situations. People with hazel eye color are also unpredictable.

Eye color sure tells a lot about us but its not the exact representative of our personality. Though it can give you a hint about someone for sure. At last your own actions describe your personality.


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