how to be happy every time

One thing that every single person on this earth craves for is “Happiness”. Everybody wants to stay happy and experience joy and fun in his life. In the pursuit of the happiness, we do everything. Every action we do or we refrain us from doing, in fact, is just to derive more and more happiness.

We make friends or enter into relationships in the hope of happiness. We try to buy things that we believe will render us happiness. Then with the same desire, we aim to get success because we believe our success will make us happier than before. But all these things cannot give long lasting happiness. These, rather, give artificial or temporary pleasure.

Real Happiness comes from within. It is found nowhere but inside you.Your thinking affects your feelings. If you think well then your thinking is reciprocated with your feelings. So, real happiness depends on how you train your minds to behave in different situations? This will demand a change in your living style and your attitude. For this given below are the habits that bring more happiness to life.

1Try to be happy

Yes. Make a conscious choice that you want to stay happy no matter what happens. Try to be happy even if you can’t. This is one simple habit that will always keep you cheery.

Intentionally choose behavior that will give you happiness. Intentionally look for the situations that will lift your mood. If staying close to nature makes you happy then never skip your morning walk. If helping people makes you happy then join some organization formed for the same cause.

It is easier than you think. You just have to find reasons to be happy and do or think more what gives you pleasure. Where anything makes you sad or angry, deliberately act happily. It will instantly change your unhappy emotions.

2Practice smiling

Practice Smiling. No fake smiles, only the real ones. Studies have proved that our facial expressions have the ability to influence our mood.

Putting on real smiles will, therefore, make you feel better from inside. It will give you that dose of happiness which is needed to boost the productivity. Any feelings of pain or discomfort will be reduced.

Smiling also helps the brain to think more positive than negative. This means smiling, more often, will reduce your habit of thinking negative about anything and you will have to fight less the habit of thinking negative.

3More time to their family

No matter how many times you have a fight with your siblings or argument with your parents always remember your family will be the number one reason behind your happiness. Your subconscious brain knows this thing.

The time spent with your family members will give you a unique feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Develop a habit of taking your meals or having fun together to stay happy. Even a small chit-chat session will offer you much happiness needed to give you a meaningful smile.

4Buy Experience

Let go of your tendency to buy those materialistic things. They are not doing you any favor in terms of offering you any long-term satisfaction. Rather than buying more and more things focus more on experience. Even the most expensive things cannot make you as much happier as those valuable experiences will.

Take time to gain experiences and memories. Travel alone and explore new places. Go with your family to some far place on weekends and have fun. There are endless ways to add more experience of a variety of things into your life. While the materialistic things will give you happiness for short period, the experiences will bless you with long-term happiness.

5Appreciate More

Be more grateful for the little things in your life. Appreciate what you have.  The emotions will improve your mood and boost your happiness. You will automatically feel more optimistic about your future leading to more happiness. This appreciation and positivity will bring more happiness to life.

6Practice Optimism

Whenever you imagine your future always imagine the good. The most important habit you need to develop to stay happy and to bring more happiness into your life is imagining the best future for yourself.

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7Live in the present

Practice mindfulness. Stay in the moment. Focus on where you are, what are you doing or what is going at that particular moment. This habit will make you less tensed and more satisfied. You will think and act better which is the ultimate method of attracting more happiness into your life.

8Demonstrate patience

“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished”

Impatience is another common cause of the unhappiness in our lives. We want results instantly. We want to sort the issues out immediately which is always not possible. That argument with your wife will take some time to vanish from her mind for which she is behaving awkwardly. Your boss needs more time to recognizing your brilliant efforts and reward you with the bonus. Your son won’t apologize immediately for his fault.

What is being implied here is that if you are an expert in gardening even then you will have to allow the seed with the time it needs to grow and turn into a flower. Keeping this thing in mind, show patience and understand that things will happen at their own pace. Once you will start practicing patience it will become easier to keep your patience all the time.

9Let Go

Let go of any loss or disappointments in your life. Things never go as we plan. What’s the point in regretting or feeling bad and causing pain to yourself over something that has already happened?

Do not hold into bad stuff or memories for so long. Thinking immediately of any wrong or loss is natural. No one is wired to forget bad or accept without any difficulty. But thinking repeatedly about the past will not only affect your peace and happiness but also your ability to think right and take actions. Actions that are needed to cope up with the past and rectify the mistake. All this leads to decreased productivity and bad performance both at the workplace and at home.

To come out of such trap without exhausting the mental peace, practice acceptance.

10Enjoy simple pleasure

Happy people enjoy pleasures more that are easy to come by. Take more delight in little things. Stop looking for happiness in something that cannot happen easily. If you are far from your loving partner and you cannot meet him or her daily then try to feel the same happiness on talking over the phone.

Bringing a minor change in your attitude is bound to bring a major change in your pleasure.

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11Engage in deep conversation

People often talk about things that do not fulfill their emotional needs. They will keep talking for hours about things that rarely give them a sense of satisfaction. People can create a powerful bond in a 5 minutes conversation if they would talk about their emotions or feelings. They, in reality, make their beautiful relations worse by engaging in irrelevant topics. Meaningful conversations with others can give you that everlasting state of happiness that you constantly look for.

Talk more often about how you feel. What makes you feel good. Express your heart. This is one part of your life where will never fall short of words. Try once and feel the change in your level of happiness.

12Stop seeking happiness in the materialistic success

Your success in your life won’t make you happy and cheery forever. In fact, your success in nearly everything ranging from career to relationships depends on your level of happiness. As happy people are less tensed and more productive, they perform well everywhere.


So instead of seeking happiness from things or success, look for happiness within you and around you.


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