How To Be More Productive At Work Place?

how to be more productive

Everybody aims to be more productive at work. Some want to add more efficiency in their performance while others want to receive a hike or promotion. The purpose may vary from a person to person but the need to grow always pushes a person to be more productive.

We have a list of productive things to do which can help you to make a better use of your time.

1Take Adequate Sleep

You cannot expect optimum productivity if you are feeling sleepy right when you enter your office. If you keep yawning all the time, you will not be able to perform well. You will keep struggling the whole day to stay focused and will take a longer time to complete your tasks.

To be more efficient and productive, you need to have proper sleep which will keep you fresh and energetic.

2Talk to your seniors

You cannot be always productive on your own as it is related to your learning. So while you are free at your office, always try to have a conversation with your seniors which will definitely add up more value to your knowledge.

3Solve your problems on your own

Try to clear your doubts on your own. This will enhance your knowledge. When you will try to solve your problems on your own, you will try to gather as much information as you can which will ultimately add up to your learning skills and build your confidence. The more you will learn, the better you will be at being productive at your workplace.

4Endless breaks or no breaks

Tea break, snacks breaks and all other breaks that you take the moment you get bored of your work will not always increase your productivity at work. Similarly, taking no break will bring down your productivity almost close to zero.

You should be smart enough to make the best out of your breaks. This means your break should serve both the purpose of soothing your mind as well as making you ready to be in a position to get back to your work with more attention and energy.

Always try to take a break when you feel mentally or physically exhausted or when your mind starts wandering so that you return to your work with the fresh mind.

5Prioritize your tasks

Work smarter, always make a to-do list and start with that task which will bring a real difference. Completing important task first will offer huge relaxation to your mind and boost your productivity.

6Stay away from distractions

Chatting, social media or phone calls etc are the biggest distractions that kill your productivity at workplace. You know what steals your attention and waste your time.

Whether it requires you to distance yourself from any talkative colleague or it requires you to put your mobile phone on silent mode, do it as much as you can.

7Stop Multitasking

Multitasking always lowers your concentration level and your problem-solving ability. The more you multitask, the higher will be the probability of making errors and confusion.

Managing more than one task at a time will, therefore, affect your efficiency and resist you from being more productive at work.

8Know what to delegate

Do not put your hands on simply anything. Know what tasks can be completed without your attention/ contribution also. Where you are sure that delegating a task would allow you more time to devote to another important task, delegate it. This will keep your mind free from unnecessary tension and you will be able to complete your important tasks more efficiently.

9Seek help at the right time

We often hear advice from everyone around us“Never hesitate to ask help from others”. Yes, taking help from others at the workplace can be very beneficial provided you are seeking help at the right time.

Seek help when there is some mistake that cannot be fixed without the help of some other person. In this situations, do not try to handle everything on your own. It is fine to ask help and keep up your productivity instead of wasting your precious time and disappointing yourself.

10Be a good host

When someone tries to teach or tell you something, do not let your ego come in your way. Welcome his advice or guidance and increase your knowledge.

11Keep your desk clutter free

Always keep your desk neat and tidy. A cluttered workplace looks unpleasant as well as increases your stress levels. It makes difficult for you to find out your important papers and other things resulting in wastage of your time. Whereas keeping it clutter free will assist you in focusing on limiting the distractions and boost your productivity.

12Look for opportunities

You should always be looking for some extra work or task to do as it will bring more confidence and will add up to your skills.

This habit of yours will be noticed and will bring more opportunities for you whenever your organization will need a reliable person in future.

13Your actions are the foundation of your future

Whatever you are doing at your workplace, at the end it is affecting you and not your company. So, keep this thing in your mind that your decisions and your actions today ultimately shape your future.

When you know that you are accountable for your work and actions, you will automatically do your work with more concentration that will lead to improved productivity.


Being always productive is a choice, not a duty. It is totally related to your personal growth. Those who are productive at work always end up being more successful.


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