How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You?

how to make someone fall in love with you

Are you going to soon express your feelings to someone that how much you love them?

If you don’t know where to begin with and how to make someone fall in love with you then you need to read this post very carefully. As one wrong step may lead to regrets. These magnificent tips are well known to push and foster feelings of love in someone’s heart.

1Start with a friendship

Befriend him or her. Any love begins with friendship. Friendship is the first and foremost thing that is required to create a bond and get connected with someone. Friendship will help you in knowing better about what their life revolves around, how they like to spend their time or what are their hobbies, likes, dislike, and priorities in their life. Going slow will manifold the chances of a strong relationship in future.

2Let your actions speak for you

Actions speak louder than words. How you treat someone and how you act around someone itself discloses subtly your feelings for them. They will get an idea that whether you like them or not.

If you love someone it clearly means you are going to be happy in their presence. How often you do something that makes them happy will give an idea how much priority you are willing to give them in your life which reveals that they will surely fall in love with you.

It does not mean you can’t put down any of their requests. Denying someone for some genuine reasons will be easily understood by them.

3Be yourself

Know your limits and be yourself. If they are trying to convince you to do everything you don’t want to do or vice versa. It’s a red flag. Don’t let someone manipulate you or try to get your unfair advantage of your feelings of love for them.

Everything is not fair in love. If you will do everything to make them happy and show your affection towards them. It is highly likely that they will take you for granted in future.

4Connect more

Text or call to know more of their life. Saying good morning or goodnight is not a bad idea to wish them a good day ahead or to know how was their day. You don’t have to tell them that you were missing them. They know they were running in your mind. That’s why you texted or called up.

When talking about yourself don’t try to show that you don’t have any problems in your life. Do share your problems with them at least those that are not very personal. This way you are going to make them feel more connected to you.

Talk about your passion, your goals, your dreams or any shortcomings you encountered in your life. This will offer them a new angle to look you at. You will be perceived as a more honest person who does not hide any flaws of his life.

5Build trust

Even in friendship, there comes a time when you commit something. If you have made any promises, steer clear of breaking your promises or commitment. No matter what happens to stay true to your words.

In case you can’t keep your commitment let them know in advance and sincerely apologize for not being able to stick to your words. Make sure you do not repeat this in future.

Another bonding norm is never to talk ill of others. Speaking ill of others will leave a negative impact on your personality on them and sooner or later they may try to stay away from you.

6Let them miss you

Know when it’s time to be unavailable. If you are going to make yourself available all the time chances are they may fall under the impression as if you have no life. By life, we mean no aims or goals to achieve, no work to do, no friends to have fun with or no responsibilities to discharge.

Understand that no one would like to fall in love with someone who has no ambition or responsibilities in his life or no friends.

Also give as much importance to your job, other tasks and people in your life as you used to give before you met your someone special.

7Satisfy their emotional needs

Help in whatever way you can. Lend your ears to whatever that person has to say. In case your special someone is facing any problem and wants to share something. Listen with patience.

Don’t pretend. Genuinely be a good listener. And give advice as per your understanding. It may help them to get rid of their ongoing problems.

8Do not expect anything in return

Be an emotionally intelligent person rather than just being emotional. To make someone fall in love with you, you need to be kind and considerate. But do not expect anything in return. Feel proud for loving someone and making someone happy without keeping any selfish motive.

In case you have developed any expectations by this time then please, don’t try to befool yourself or others. Whatever you did was just in order to get the love for yourself in return. You did nothing special for someone. Better you raise your standards by not keeping any expectations. You will really feel good about yourself and you won’t get hurt if things do not turn in your favor.

9Confidence is the key

Before communicating your deepest feelings to another person. Ensure you really mean what you are about to say. Once you are sure of your feelings of love for your special someone.

Be prepared and confident to say those three words that are officially announcing your intense emotions for them. By this time chances are high that they already know what you are trying to say.

10No awkward behavior

Lastly, don’t expect your special someone to reciprocate. Don’t give weird expressions as if you are waiting to hear “I love you too”. Give them the liberty of responding in any way they want. Stay calm and let them know they can communicate their feelings to you at any time in future. Allowing them time to figure out their feelings and not putting any pressure on them is the sure shot way to make someone fall in love with you.

And don’t take your words back or belittle yourself if they do not feel the same way. This is the worst thing you can do to ensure that your special someone will never develop their love for you. You have declared your love for someone and bored a seed of love in someone’s heart. Wait for love to blossom at its own pace.

Your behavior post declaration will tell a lot about your confidence in yourself. A confident person is happy when loved and absolutely fine if not.



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