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Your answers to the interview questions should be better and level above the basic ones. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you have to make a unique impression on your interviewer by answering and handling the interview session smartly.

The best way to make yourself prepared for any job interview is to be proactive and practice all the answers that you are going to deliver in your interview. Your answers should seem coming natural and not like a canned response.

We have prepared some interview questions and answers for you that seem very basic but need your attention if you are serious about your job interview.

1Tell me something about yourself

Here, you need to give a short introduction about your experience as well as your career goals that match with the position and the field that you are in. This answer should cover up all the important information including your educational achievement and your skills that you developed by the time of your interview.

You have to do a research about the company prior to appearing for your interview and go well through the job description so that your answer sounds natural and prove that you fit well for the position. Make sure that your answer does not reveal that you are over or under qualified. Refrain yourself from giving any personal information, for instance, hobby.

Actually, this question is asked just to check how confident you are in expressing yourself. So be confident while answering and do not over exaggerate.

2What are your greatest strengths?

This is another critical question in which the interviewer wants to know your strengths that you possess which makes you best suitable for this job. You have to choose strength that you actually possess and also answer them in such a way that you don’t sound egoistic.

You should mention your strength according to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a position of a team leader then you should tell the hiring manager that you can lead a team, easily manage them and motivate them during difficult situations, to get the work done on time during high work pressure.

So this way you can come up with any of the strengths which will make you stand strong for the position.

3What are your weaknesses?

Your interviewer wants to know your level of honesty as well as self-awareness. Clearly saying “I have no weaknesses. I am perfect“ is not going to do you any favor. Not picking any weaknesses will definitely disqualify you from the job selection.

Be honest with them and tell whatever weaknesses you have but also share the steps you are taking to overcome them.

For example, you can mention that you were very lazy earlier but now you are overcoming this weakness by doing exercises.

4What were your job responsibilities in the previous company?

Every company has different job responsibilities assigned to their employees. So here you have to mention all the work and job responsibilities you have handled along with the tasks which were not under your job profile.

5What is your biggest professional achievement?

Your achievement is a reflection of your extraordinary performance in your job. Sharing an example from your past will increase the chances of the hiring decision to be in your favor.

Here if you can share any of your achievement which displays your dedication and your problem-solving nature, then it will be of great help for your interviewer to finalize his recruitment process.

Sometimes all they want to know is that what are you capable of doing. For example, a developer may have handled many projects with the help of his team but if he has made an app all alone which is quite famous among people, then it can guarantee him his new job in the company after this answer.

6Why do you want to leave your current job?

Now, there can be any reason for leaving a job. It can be for better opportunities or in search of a higher salary or maybe you are leaving your job because of toxic environment you were fed up of dealing with.

Whatever be the reason, one thing is clear that not all the reasons can be shared with your interviewer. For example, if you are intending to disclose how aggressive or your manipulative boss made it difficult for you to work there, we would like to inform you that you are about to leave a bad impression on your interviewer. It does not matter how much truth is behind your reason.

So, what are those reasons that you should come up with that will seem real as well as help you to present yourself a positive ambitious professional?

You willingly left your job: The best idea is to start by talking about the opportunities this new job will bring.Tell your interviewer that you firmly believe that this job will offer opportunities to learn new skills which will help you to accomplish your career goals that align with the company goals.

If you were laid off: When an employee is laid off, it has nothing to do with his personal performance. Nevertheless, Job seekers get really uncomfortable in giving an explanation to the interviewer why they were laid off. To avoid that weird feeling you have to ensure yourself that your answer is positive and shows the lesson you learned from the experience. You can also share your achievements in that job.

Don’t bad mouth about your company or boss.  Even if you are angry or disappointed keep those feelings with you and stay calm. Else you will end up displaying yourself as unprofessional.

If you were fired off: When an employee is fired off, there could be any reason like below average performance, neglect of duty, disobedience etc. Most often whenever there is a need to justify, the job seeker always goes into a defensive mode. Usually, job seekers start putting allegations on the company or boss but, blaming your boss or others will greatly reduce your chances of selection. Management wants to select a person who is honest, mature enough to take the responsibilities and ensure not to repeat the mistakes.

Therefore, your answer should be to the point and accurate. Accept the responsibility and tell that you have learned from your mistakes. Exuding confidence along with not revealing many ugly details would prove to be beneficial. Stay away from being emotional and show that you are excited to work in the new company keeping in mind you won’t repeat the mistakes you committed in the past.

7What are your goals for future?

In this question, the interviewer wants to know what your life goals are. The only way a positive outcome is achieved when there is alignment between employee individual goals and the organizational goals because this way an employee can contribute his/her best to an organizational growth.

Companies are always willing to hire a candidate who has short term and long term goals set for him. In other words, an interviewer wants to know whether you are ambitious or not.

So stay focused and display an ambitious behavior while giving this answer. Make sure your short-term goals are connected with achieving a higher position in the same industry.

8How do you handle work pressure?

Your hiring manager is interested in knowing how good you are at dealing with pressure while maintaining your cool attitude and staying focused. For this question, you have to answer that exactly you handle pressure and these should no fake answer.

If you have already worked in any situation where you were under the pressure of completing the projects before the deadline, then mention it. It will help him understand that you are capable of handling work pressure sometimes.

You have to explain what techniques you follow when stress starts getting into your nerves.

9Do you like challenges?

Your answer should be always yes. But make sure you do not show fake enthusiasm by saying yes I like challenges because I have always been a better performer at every task or I can do anything to win challenges.

Sound feasible and just say yes that I like to test my potential and so I like to face challenges.

10Do you possess leadership qualities?

Always say yes no matter what. A candidate should possess leaderships qualities as sooner or later he is going to lead a team and how should know how to delegate a task to team members.

11How will you motivate your team?

There are days when employees are full of enthusiasm and self-motivated but there are also some days when they feel low and demotivated due to some personal issues or pressure at a workplace.

So for this question you have to answer that in these situations I will remind my team members about their potential, their strengths and hope our company has with them. I will also make them realize that they are the valuable assets of the company.

I will remind them of the perks or promotions that will be offered to them for their good performance. Along with this, I will make them realize that all their efforts will ultimately result in the accomplishment of their goals.

You can make some tweaks in this answer to make it best suitable according to you.

12Why do you want to join our company?

The hiring manager wants to know what you like about the company as well as the job that interests you and will keep you enthusiastic.

For this, you have to begin with what you know about the company. Obviously, only then you would be able to explain why you want to work with this company. Here you can tell them what are the things your previous company lacks and this company has whether it is its reputation, policies, ongoing projects or goals.

While sharing your knowledge that you gained in doing research on the company, you will have to come up with specific aspects of the company and position that excites you.

Then you have to make them believe that the position is best fitted to fulfill your goals. This will keep you motivated and you will enjoy working there.

Simultaneously, you should also tell them what few qualities you possess that will help you to perform your job well and contribute to the company.

13Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Give a concise reply to this question. Mention that you want to attain a higher position in the same company by performing well at every task. Your hiring manager will get influenced with these heavy words.

14Why should we hire You?

This question presents you a great opportunity to let them know why you are a good fit for the position you are being interviewed for.

To be well prepared for this question you have to carefully review the job description and understand its requirements of skills, qualification etc. Come up with all those skills that you possess and that match with their requirements. Personality traits that are helpful for any type of job can also be mentioned here.

For each quality or skill, you have to back up your statement by giving an example how that quality or skill helped you in your former jobs. You just can’t praise yourself by listing any traits or skills that you don’t possess.

For example: If you applying for the sales profile, then tell them that You have extremely good convincing skills, you can build customer relationship and can meet deadlines before time.

15What is your approach towards organizational commitment?

Your answer to this question should be impressive enough to show that you are looking for a long-term relationship with the company.

Also mention that you will be fully dedicated towards the organization and would love to grow along with the organization.

16What are your salary expectations?

Before giving interview always do research that what is the salary slab of employees of your experience in the same industry.

Also, research on the type of salary structure the prospective company has as this will give you an idea that how much you should pitch at the first place.

Remember that HR people have brilliant negotiation skills so they will always try to bring you down to the level of their own budget. There should be always space for a little negotiation to get an opportunity to work with a good company but also remember that you should always finalize your salary considering your potential.

Never underestimate your knowledge and experience as the demand is from the both sides.

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