kill emptiness without your girlfriend

It seems pretty much impossible to forget all the moments you have shared with your Ex. Calling her all day and spending time with her have made you addicted to her. This is the outcome of what you did when you guys were together. You ignored everyone else and only gave attention to each other.

It is not what you are here to know as you know it already. Whatever the reason of your breakup was you have to get out of it. It is tough to move on from our ex but the toughest part is that even after when we have moved on we feel empty from inside. We don’t celebrate anything. We don’t go out with our friends like we used to. Even if we do something we don’t enjoy it. Everything we do reminds of her and we feel like there is no joy left when she is not with us anymore.

So what can you do to kill this emptiness?

1Don’t think much


It will be quit difficult for you to forget your ex if you keep thinking about her all time. You need to understand that not all people we meet will last till our last breath. This is the reality of life we are living and you have to face it.

So don’t be absent minded from now on and concentrate on whatever you are doing. Less she comes in your mind less you will miss her. Eventually you will be glad that you came out of it.

2Recognize that she is not the one

You must have asked so many questions to yourself lately that why she left you? Simple and clear cut answer to this complicated question is that she is not the one for you. Do not think in deep about this.

Do not memorize all the situations which led to your breakup. This doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is that you recognize she wasn’t meant for you.

3Do not curse yourself

If you keep thinking about whatever mistakes you did and how you ruined your relationship, you are making the situation even worse. Don’t blame yourself alone for getting apart from her.

If she truly wanted to live with you she would have forgiven you for your mistakes. So don’t think that you alone are responsible for all of this.

4Just face it

You want to live forever like this or want to get back your smile? If yes then just face it and let it go.

Start doing whatever makes you feel happy. Go out with your friends just like old times. Follow your passion and keep yourself busy.

5Give yourself one more chance

Most common mistake people do when they go through a breakup is they say ” I am not going to get into a relationship anymore, it was my last.”

This is the biggest mistake one can do. If this way you want to live your life ahead you have to be very strong enough but if you are not very strong and used to be dependent on your ex then you have chosen a wrong path.

Emptiness word alone describes that something is empty and in this case the space where your ex used to live is empty i.e. Your heart!

So give yourself one more chance and let someone enter your life.

Emptiness is just a feeling which can go away in minutes if we find a motive to live life. We just need someone by our side and we can face any situation. So instead of thinking about the one you have lost, think about those who are still with you and create beautiful memories with them.


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