measures to recover from sickness earlier

We know your life is busy and you don’t even have time to give attention to the body ache you are suffering from or a regular cold that you caught during rain last weekend.

But is it what you should be doing? A normal disease grows with time and should not be ignored. There are many mistakes we make when we are sick but there are some measures that we can take to recover earlier from sickness.

1Visit a doctor

We have heard many people saying that they are strong and have strong immune system so they can fight with the disease without visiting a doctor. When we ignore visiting a doctor while suffering from disease apparently our body fights with it somehow but we become weak. Also we ignore visiting a doctor just to save some money but risk our life as we don’t know what we are dealing with. So we recommend you to visit a doctor for daily checkup if not then at least visit a doctor when you are sick.

2Take leave from school or office

We understand it is important for you to attend the classes and meetings but if you ignore you sickness then you will be further more sick. It’s not about you only though as you go out and meet people you make contact with many people which have chances that the disease may get transferred to them also. So don’t put others in danger of getting sick. Take rest at home and sleep well so that you can go out soon.

3Eat hot soup

If you are suffering from cold or cough then it is highly recommended that you eat soup. It is not only delicious but very healthy too and helps in recovering from cold faster. We know that during sickness we don’t feel like eating so eating vegetable soup also helps in providing nutrients that we require to fight the disease.

4Drink herbal tea or green tea

Green Tea contains antioxidants that help our immune system to improve and our body to recover from disease faster. It is also antibacterial and antifungal so it helps our body to fight against those fungal and bacterial attacks. We recommend drinking green tea not only when you are sick but to add it to your daily beverages as it is highly rich in bioactive compound which makes us less prone to many diseases.

5Keep your body hydrated

Sometimes drinking lots of water flushes out the infection from your body. So drink warm water after every two hours. Make sure you are drinking warm and filtered water. Water alone can help our body to fight with many disease.

6Avoid eating these food items

Ice cream, Chocolates, Chips, Cold Drinks, Rice, Milk, Cheese, Spicy food, Junk Food. All these foods and drinks are prohibited when you are sick. If you still continue to have any one of them then you are going to make the situation even worse. So control your tongue for few days so that you can enjoy them to the fullest when you have recovered from sickness properly.

7Make rest your first priority

Bed rest is considered to be the best method to recover from a cold or flu. While we sleep our body goes into the recovery mode which helps us to heal faster from sickness. So take rest as much as you can and avoid do any physical work that drains your energy.


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