We all know where we are heading. Most of us are just sitting idle at our homes and offices staring at our laptops or smartphones. For the nutrition what we are eating all day is junk food. Due to which people are getting sick day by day.

Though many people are also conscious towards their physical fitness and health, but on the other hand still the majority of population is suffering from different health issues.

It’s not our fault. Life has become so busy that we are not able to take care of things that should be our first priority. But we need to fix this. Before cure we need to take measures to make sure that our body is no more prone to sickness.

So we will look at some mistakes we are making that attracts an unhealthy life so that we can avoid doing that from now on.

1. We Eat Junk Food

We all eat junk food and no one can deny with it. Sometimes it is ok to eat but those who eat junk food on a daily basis should stop this habit as it is of low nutrition and has high cholesterol which leads to Obesity, Heart diseases, Poor digestion, Depression etc. So now we know how bad junk food is for our health. Better start carrying tiffin to your schools, colleges and offices if you don’t want to attract dangerous diseases at your early 30’s.

2. No Workout

What happens to a machine which is switched off and not put to work for months? It goes malfunctioned. Our human body is just like a machine so it works similarly. If we don’t put our body to work it will eventually start creating problems which are commonly known as diseases. Now don’t think that working in your office has something to do with your physical work of body. It might be exhausting but your body needs to do workout like Running, Skipping, Swimming, Lifting weights, other cardio exercises. If you do any of these that will work. Exercise is an essential part to lead a healthy life. Don’t skip it!

3. Smoking and Drinking Habits

Everyone is aware of this but we still do this. Why? Just because we are addicted to this. We are risking our life for the things that are not important for us.

No matter how you smoke it, tobacco is dangerous to your health. There are no safe substances in any tobacco products. The substances you inhale don’t just affect your lungs. They can affect your entire body. Now don’t think that only smoking cigarettes have these bad effects, even Cigar and Hookah is same. Smoking causes cancer and takes you to the worst days of your life. You still want to do it?

Alcohol on the other hand has effects that depend on the level of consumption of it. People who are regular drinker face lots of diseases like Anemia, Cancer, High blood pressure, Never damage etc. Even your loved ones don’t want you to drink alcohol but you still drink. Just for the sake of your little joy you avoid all your loved ones and even your body.

If you don’t want to die early from any of these diseases then you should quit smoking and drinking.

4. Eating less nutritional food

We know that the food we are eating is no healthier. It’s all chemically processed and adulterated. But there is still something that is full of vitamins and nutrition and if we include these foods in our daily diet then we can ignore getting sick.

Fruits: Apples, Pearls, Strawberries, Blueberries, Oranges, Grapefruits, Watermelon, Bananas etc

Vegetables: lettuce, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli etc.

Pulses: Soybeans, green peas, green beans, butter beans, broad beans and snow peas, chickpeas and lentils etc.

Non Vegetarian: Chicken, Turkey, Fish etc.

Include these foods in your daily diet as these are highly nutritious and contain protein which is really essential to keep our body healthy and our immune system strong.

5. Improper Sleep

Our body recovers during the sleep and also the digestion process occurs when we sleep. So it is very important for us to sleep properly.

Improper sleep leads to laziness and irritating behavior. Less sleep makes you feel fatigue every time and you don’t perform well because you feel like sleeping. Body issues that are caused by less or improper sleep is Diabetes, Depression, High blood pressure etc. So sleep well so that you wake up in the morning with full energy and  can have a fresh start.

Follow these points and avoid getting sick. Take care of your health as it is what really matters before anything else.


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