Top 5 Most Haunted Places in the World

Some people believe in ghosts and some don’t, but there is something in common between all of us. We all like to talk about ghosts. We all have heard scary ghost stories in our childhood which use to give us nightmares.

Their existence is totally a mystery but there are some haunted places in the world where people claim to have seen ghosts or evil spirits. These places are all cursed and are famous for all the tales that make them more scary. So we decided to share a list of most haunted places in the world with you guys in case you make your mind to visit haunted places.

5Isla de las Muñecas – Mexico City, Mexico

This creepy place is known as Island of dolls. This place is full of worn out and creepy dolls that are hanging in the trees and walls. According to nearby people a dead girl was found by the hermit named Don Julian Santana Barrera. The next morning he found a doll in the water. He picked it up and placed in the tree. The next day he found another and the dolls kept coming with broken limbs out of nowhere and no one has any clue till date.

He never threw any doll away and kept collecting them. He even dressed some of them with clothes. Sound’s Creepy?

The more creepy thing is that he was found dead in 2001 at the same spot where he claimed to have found the body of dead girl.



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