qualities of a good husband

It has been rightly said that 90 percent of your happiness depends on your spouse. When you choose a life partner, you automatically choose lot many things. There are many qualities of a good husband girls should be looking for but instead they consider all the materialistic things. Girls should not ignore that they need to look for their soulmate who will enrich their lives with lots of love and happiness.

So what qualities to look for in a husband?

You need not to look for someone who will never argue with you. You better find someone who is ready to behave completely normal after a big argument. Similarly a person who is only concerned about his happiness will make you regret for your whole life.

Their are many ideal husband qualities a man should possess so that you can offer him a permanent place in your heart and life as well.

1He is loyal and trustworthy

Loyalty and trustworthy are the qualities of a good husband that are very essential to stay in a relationship. It gives the partner a sense of security. If he seems to be loyal and trustworthy, it makes sense to view him as eligible for consideration.

2He is supportive

If you think he will support you in your goals, dreams, and aspirations, then this man can be a good husband. Supportive men never create any barriers that hold their wife back from fulfilling their goals.They instead motivate them to aim and achieve higher.

Another upside of a supportive husband is that they are supportive in nearly everything. You will never have to complain about doing everything on your own and your husband not being aware of the burden you are bearing. From the household responsibilities to completion of a lengthy project, there is nothing they won’t come forward to offer you their support.

3He is understanding

He should be understanding by nature otherwise he would never try to figure out your feelings or the reasons behind your acts or love behind your care.

4He is caring

A caring nature is essential to make other person feel loved and blessed in the relationship. A caring man will never make you feel alone.

He will cook for you when you are not feeling well. He will surprise you with your favorite flowers just to bring a smile on your face and he will not lose a single opportunity to show that he cares for you.

5He is good listener

This is one quality that no wife can compromise with. A wife can be the happiest person on this planet if his husband is a good listener. Good listener means he is patient when listening to you and is actually paying attention and displaying interest to all that what you have to say. Needless to say that you should keep aside all those ladies talks or gossip for your female friends.

Other than this, if you have reasons to believe that he shows interest when you share anything with him then assure yourself you are moving on the right path.

6He is reliable

Finding a reliable husband is of utmost importance. A reliable person always keeps his words and never leave others in tension. Talking of realistic expectations, you should be able to depend and rely on him for anything. If he is not keeping words, it means he does not care for you.

7He is mature

He should be mature enough to accept that disagreements and conflicts are a necessary part of a relationship that helps to build a strong connection between the couple when dealt properly. A mature husband will always control his emotions and anger in times of any disagreement. He will put forward his opinions calmly while maintaining respect and will never summon all of his energy to prove you wrong .You will never see him wild or out of control.

All in all, he will gracefully “agree to disagree” and accept the dissimilarities between both of you.

Also, it is very common to get hurt or disappointed for lot many things that do not turn out as per our expectations. How we respond to those external factors determine whether we are mature or not? A husband who is mature never seeks perfection in everything and will deal stressful situations in a positive way.

8He is emotionally intelligent

An emotionally intelligent husband is the one who knows what type of emotions you are going through. It is highly unlikely all the time that you will be expressing what you need. So, he should be able to understand some unspoken feelings and emotions. Moreover, he should be also emotionally supportive to help you whenever you are feeling low. Besides this, he is capable of understanding the unreasonable emotions he is exerting and forgives you when you react during those situations.

Moreover, he should be also emotionally supportive to help you whenever you are feeling low. Besides this, he is capable of understanding the unreasonable emotions he is exerting and forgives you when you react during those situations.

9He is confident and self-aware

One of the best husband qualities is that he has confidence in himself and his strengths. He knows how to make the best of his strengths to succeed in anything. Along with this, he is also aware of his weaknesses and works to overcome them.

10He is optimistic

Optimistic people are not wired to look for the negative in anything. Instead, they always look for the positive. An optimistic husband will always be able to maintain his cool as he can always see the bright side and will try to face the situations. This will give you a sense of security as you can always lean on him.

11He is self conscious

This quality of being self-conscious will turn out to be a great positive trait once a person is married.

When a person is single, his image in the public is made all by himself. How he maintains his personality or how he dresses him up. He will develop any image he chooses to show. But, once the person gets married, a great degree of his image is perceived by how his life partner is and how his partner looks. If he is not

If he is not self-conscious about his looks and personality in the present, chances are very high that he would be least concerned about his appearance and personality after marriage. Such a person will always be poked to work out on his looks and personality resulting in disappointments and embarrassment to you.

12He loves you

Sometimes two good people cannot stay together. It is not because one of them is always wrong but because there is not sufficient love to keep them bound happily together.

If he loves you, he will always make you feel loved. You will never have to question his affection and concern for you.

13He respects you

It is very much important for husbands to respect their wives as much as they love them. It has been seen that often husbands shower lots of love onto their wives but fail to respect their views, opinions and the list goes on. Lack of respect is ultimately the root cause which often results in conflicts between the couple.

When a husband respects his wife, he automatically respects her family also.If you feel that he respects you whether in public or in private, know that this one quality solely would be sufficient to keep your relationship going pretty well.

14He is compromising

Most of the ladies complain “no compromising attitude” of their husband, to be the major reason for causing suffering for them in their day to day life activities. They are fed up off working solely for their relationship. It is the responsibility of the husbands to come forward and do their share of compromise which they rarely do.

Men are often not willing to compromise their privacy or space. They have a fear that their compromise with these things will affect their freedom.

If he understands the value of healthy compromise in a relationship. Win him. By marrying a person who is ready to part with his comfort or joy for the happiness of others, you are going to save yourself from a lot of unnecessary tensions or disputes. Putting your needs and wants aside is truly what makes a man a ‘gentleman’.

15He believes in mutual decision

A good husband is the one who always seeks his wife opinion about the matter and gives due consideration to her views or preferences before taking any decision. He never announces his decisions without giving any importance to his wife or her advice.

16He is a forgiving spirit

He should be kind enough to forgive you for any of your mistakes. No matter how big they are if you have unintentionally done anything wrong, he should be able to forgive you happily and not reminding you about those mistakes again and again with the intent of demeaning you.

17He expresses himself

Anyone who is good in expressing his views, feelings, emotions, and concerns about issues would be surely able to keep his wife happy. Not communicating properly is the only cause that leads to misunderstandings and distances between couples.

18He knows his responsibilities

He knows his role of a husband comes with certain rights and responsibilities. An ideal husband is the one who accepts his responsibility towards his wife, family, and others and does his best to discharge them. He never tries to put blame on others when he is not able to fulfill his share of responsibilities.

19He always trusts you

He should never give skeptical vibes to you when you share anything with him. A person not trusting you today will certainly require you to show evidence or back up everything you share, once given the title of a husband. So, always look for a man who trusts your words.

20You are his first priority

Obviously it does not mean that he should side step his dreams, his family, friends or everything and make you his the only priority. But, a husband should understand that most of his wife’s life revolves around him and she left her family and home only to be a part of his life. This is the quality of a good husband which many man fail to possess.

If you have strong reasons to believe that you are given priority, it’s a good reason to proceed further. Such a person will never make you feel unimportant before anybody.

21He is honest

Honesty is the best policy. Truly it is. An honest man will be an honest husband.  He will never lie to you. Nor he will hide anything from you. You would not need to dig out the truth in any circumstance.

22He is funny

Life is so challenging, busy and full of stress that if your partner is not funny, you will soon find yourself hating life. A man with a good sense of humor will add lots of hilarious moments and a spark to your relationship.

23He always encourages you

One great characteristics of a good husband is that he always try to improve you to become better. He will help you to find out your weaknesses and overcome them. Your growth and development will never give him insecurities.

24He is kind and generous

Kindness and generosity are innate qualities. These cannot be developed. There is no reason to marry a man who is not kind to others or cannot be generous.

25He accepts his mistakes

An ideal husband will never feed his ego by disowning his mistakes. Rather, he would immediately apologize once he realizes his mistakes and would ensure you that he won’t repeat the same.

26He is a man of commitment

He should have a sense of commitment to you as well as to the relationship. If he would be committed, he would never stop working out for the relationship no matter for how long you have been married. You will always see him making efforts whether it is any compromise at his end or it is any need of alteration in his habits.

Couples who are committed to their marriage are more likely to be happy than those who are not committed.This is because they are ready to do anything what it takes to keep both of them happy and satisfied.

27He is having youthful outlook

Having a youthful outlook means the person does not resist change. Rather, he welcomes it. He is always ready to learn new things and enjoys every moment. A man who is young at heart is always full of hopes no matter what life throws at him and marrying such partner will guarantee you never ending joy and growth.

Traits he should never possess

Never think of marrying someone with an intention of changing him or his annoying habits. Nobody changes himself completely for any other person. Therefore,before taking the most important decision for your whole life, ensure yourself that he does not possess the following traits.

  • Criticizer: A man who always keeps finding faults with you will never appreciate any of your quality or efforts.
  • A dominating man
  • He is suspicious
  • Highly impulsive
  • Over possessive
  • A liar
  • A pervert


It is next to impossible to find a man who will possess all the aforementioned qualities. You have to make an informed choice by finding out what are the qualities which matter to you the most and where you can compromise.


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