We often make a list of qualities a person should have to be our soul mate. But in reality, a soul mate is the one who completes us. We never know when we are destined to meet them. So how will we know that we have met our soulmate.

Why we are talking about these factors is because initially we and almost everyone gets attracted towards someone may be because of their looks, their personality, the way they express themselves etc. but slowly and gradually, we find that the person is not someone we ever dreamt of. They might be handsome but do not care about you. They might be able to make you laugh but are not willing to stand by you in your problems.

So first you need to understand that soul mate is someone who completes you. When he or she is around, you feel complete.

In this article, we will talk about some signs that will help you to distinguish between any random infatuation and soul mate.

1They are supportive

We all need somebody to lean on. Emotional support is one of the cornerstones of any happy and long-lasting relationship. It is nearly impossible to relate yourself with someone who is not willing to offer you emotional support.

If you have noticed that the person is ready to lend their ears to you without being impatient and judgemental or they are always willing to lift you up or increase your morale when you feel low. Be assured that you have found your soulmate

Be assured that you have found your soulmate because receiving this type of support from our significant other is one of the best rewards we can ever receive.

2They share your pain

People just show that they are concerned about you but in reality are not willing to share your pain. If he or she is worried about the fact that you are upset and are ready to lend a hand for help when you need to think here.

If you are not sharing your problems with them but they are insisting you to share so that they can resolve the issue then they might be deserving enough to come closer to you.

These days nobody puts so many efforts for anyone just for the sake of getting appreciated. No doubt few people are genuinely good by nature and are helpful but if they are concerned about you only, this is the time to blush.

3You share common morals and values

When we meet someone in our life who share same values and same thinking then we can see them as our soulmate. It might have happened with you when someone agrees with you on anything, and deep inside your heart you feel “I can live my whole life with this person.”

Not sharing same hobbies, passion or interests won’t affect your life because hobbies, interests may change as per mood and time but having a clash or conflict with moral values will surely affect your relationship.

The reason behind this logic is core values and our beliefs never change. Sharing common values and beliefs is therefore very important which will make it an everlasting relationship.

It is not mandatory that both of you agree on everything but when important matters arise before you, both of you must be on the same side. If you have noticed your values, ethics are more or less same with them chances are very high you have found your soulmate.

4Going out of their comfort zone

Unless you are not important in their life, they will not put extra efforts to please you or impress you. So, if someone is going out of their comfort zone just to make your life comfortable, it is a strong indicator that this person has feelings for you and has already started looking at you as a soul mate.

5You both respect each other’s opinions

It will never happen that two people in life will have the same opinion on everything but you have to notice how they react when you put forward a different opinion before them.

If they always try to convince you that they are right then they are not your soulmate. But on the other hand, if they respect your opinion it means they respect you too.

6They share each and everything with you

Sharing is all about relation or bond with someone. How frequently someone has shared with you almost everything happening in their day to day life. They will share about their aim, their strengths, weaknesses, problems.

They will tell you everything about their previous relationships and will ask your suggestions and advice sometimes also. This is the great sign that the person is near to soul mate category.

7There is no ego

Arguments are part of any relationship, but when ego take over that argument, then a crack builds up in that relation. So when you both argue about something always notice that whether that person is not letting go of his or her ego.

If he or she thinks that they are correct or are they trying to make you feel sorry constantly for many reasons, then it’s a big no!

On the other hand, if he or she feels that why we are arguing about such less important things, then it means they value you more than their ego.

8You share similar vision of life

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”

Having slightly different goals or vision may work out but having nothing common in goals down the road will have an influence in your relationship with a partner. You need to look out for a person whose outlook of life matches with yours.

9You feel totally comfortable with your soulmate

We tend to always look for a person as our soulmate with whom we feel completely secure and comfortable. You feel totally comfortable with them wherever you go. No matter how much time you guys spend together, you will always be craving for more. Their text messages or phone calls will never bother you.

These are some of the signs which indirectly tell us that we have found a person who is compatible with your soul.



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