Top Legitimate Ways To Earn Money Online

earn money online

Independence of working on our own terms is one thought that keeps running in our minds all the time. Then, getting scolded by the boss for something we are not accountable for, not receiving the promotion we were longing for and an inadequate amount of bonus act as a fuel to trigger our emotions to leave the job and work hard to earn money online.

After an extensive research, we have come up with the top legitimate ways to help you earn money online while at the same time not pushing you to step out of your home. You will surely appreciate yourself for taking your life to a new direction that will give you your freedom back into your life. Have a look and figure out yourself how you can earn money online:

1Transcription Jobs

This kind of job is perfect for people with little to no experience as these jobs require you to listen to the audio files and type what you hear. You may be required to write anything that could be a college lecture or prescription of a doctor or anything else. The only thing you need is your laptop or computer.

The beginners may find entry-level jobs for themselves on many top websites which offer good rate per hour that may go up to $20 to $25. Some of the popular websites are,, and Certainly the best option for the inexperienced individuals intending to earn money online.

2Freelance writer

There is a hunger for the content. We are not kidding. We are serious and if you can write, you should start writing right after reading this post completely. And keep doing it as much as you can. Who knows you are heading to launch yourself into a great blogger or a writer. The best part is you can decide how much you want to work. As the number of hours varies with the number and the length of each task you agree to work on.

As a freelance writer, one point you should keep in mind is that it will require you to brush up those writing skills that you have probably never thought about in your life.

3Social Media Manager

This position is not going anywhere for the years to come. See how it suits you. You are online always either on facebook, twitter or Instagram. Try devoting the same time for someone else who is not having enough time with the aim of increasing his online presence and increasing his visitors and customers. All you have to do is use your experience and little wisdom you gained over the years. With the continuous usage of social media platform, you should be able to make their business account lively and manage their marketing campaigns. You will be receiving big bucks in no time.

4Virtual Assistant

From replying to emails, social media managing and doing data entry, you will be required to perform all the minor or bigger administrative tasks that an employee is supposed to do at his regular job in the office.

A major difference in this job is you will be doing all this while sitting on your couch in your home. Your earnings may vary between 10 to 15 dollars per hour initially which will keep increasing with increased experience. The liberty of not leaving home daily to reach your office on time is worth trying your hands on this attractive job.

5Customer Service Executive

People skills are in demand you know. Not everyone has the patience to handle customers queries politely. If you love helping people in your day to day life and you have the required speaking and computer skills then you should definitely consider working as a customer service executive. As a freelancer, you may be required to answer the queries of your customers or help them in arriving at any decision or resolving any conflict.


If you are passionate about any topic and enjoy writing then mark our words. Blogging is the best option for you to earn money online. Once you will post regularly you will soon realize your blogging is becoming not only a good source of income but has become your primary source of income. Try it once. You can earn a lot from Adsense, affiliate marketing etc. Scroll down more to see how its possible.

7Affiliate Marketing

So, selling comes naturally to you. Then better you begin doing affiliate marketing. You will get a commission for each product you manage to sell. Just join an affiliate program with a company and start selling their products. By the way, you can do this only when you own a website or a blog and you have ample of regulars visitors visiting your site daily.

A word of caution to all. Before you sign up as an affiliate, conduct a thorough research so that you can ensure the product you are going to sell is reliable. When approached correctly, you will make it a passive source of your income.

8Product Reviewing

Product reviewing is another enticing option you should try if you want to earn money online and monetize your efforts on your blog. As such many people sign up for promotional offers to test the products and offer their reviews but I would suggest a more attractive way to do it that it will not only earn you the commission but will fetch you more dividends. You can begin with writing the product reviews on your blog. The more detailed and honest review you will make of the products, the better you will have the ability to promote products.

9Taking Surveys

Companies incur huge expenses in the development of their products and services. A company cannot afford to take a risk by introducing an unwanted product or service. Each company is therefore constantly looking for the opinions to find out the customers interests, preferences, features people are looking into the products and much more.

So, to all those who always have an opinion on anything they come across in their life. This job is going to be more than perfect for you. It will allow you to express your opinions which are otherwise not always appreciated or even heard in your daily life.

The number of your earnings will depend on the time you will be devoting to complete a survey and also the length of the survey. Starting range may vary between Dollar 1 to Dollar 40. Another benefit is you have a sense of contentment for giving your valuable opinions on the authenticity and quality of services and products which only encourages you more.

10Search Engine Optimization

More than ever, every business owner is looking for ways to be found on the internet to increase the visitors. You can open doors for huge revenue to their businesses by implementing the best SEO practices and thus earn big chunks of money from home in a very short span of time. Again you don’t need to have a Computers background to learn the best SEO practices. With time and experience, you will get to learn the intricacies of SEO and can increase your rates for delivering great rankings to the websites.

11Website Testing

Companies want to ensure that the websites are user-friendly and the visitors can navigate through the websites very easily. It makes website testing a complete necessity which all wishing to earn money online should take the advantage of. Most of the tests will take between 5 minutes to half an hour and you can earn around $8 to $10 per test. User Testing, TestingTime, StartUpLift are just the name of the sites you can begin with.


Proofreading is in demand. Wondering how? No one likes to read anything full of errors. No one wants to risk the loss of reputation and its loyal clients or visitors. So, just grab this golden opportunity to earn a decent amount of money with your eye on errors in the content provided to you and you are set to make a great career.

Proofreading though cannot make you a millionaire but it can certainly do the task of presenting you the financial independence. People are actually ready to pay someone who can free them of from the little tasks that are big distractions and if overlooked, will cause embarrassment for them. You can earn anywhere between $15 to $25 per hour.

13Web developer

If you think not having a technical background will cause any obstruction in your way then just come out of this illusion. Just devote some time on the internet tutorials and you will learn how to build a website in no time. Getting serious with learning phase will drastically open your source of income as not everyone has time to build a lively website for his business. Nor everyone is willing to put efforts to go through the learning process. A golden opportunity you definitely should take advantage of to become self-employed and earn money online.

14Book Keeping

All the individuals with a love for numbers need not be disappointed as many small business owners need someone to do their accounting jobs. Those who are not from commerce background but love diving in this field can learn bookkeeping from many online courses available for free.

Though, you should not expect to become an expert in the field in a short span of time. Like with any other areas, it has its own depth and expects a need for deep knowledge of accounting to earn big sum of money but those who are passionate will make their way to earn money online. ($50 to $70 per hour)

15Sell your Photos

With the world becoming more and more visual, quality pics are in demand. You don’t need to be a professional photographer though. Nor you need an expensive camera to capture the pics you want to earn money with. The pics that you normally take from your smartphone are good enough to start. Take it from our side you can earn a decent amount of money if you have an artistic eye and manage to capture perfect shots.

Obviously like with any other jobs, as you learn more skills and use your experience to shoot alluring pics with your expensive Cam, you will have abundant opportunities showering ample of money. Some of the popular websites offering freelance opportunities are Fotolia, 500px, Avanti Press, Alamy, Shutterstock, and Snap wire.

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16 Graphics Designing

Graphic Designing is emerging as the best career option for people who are just creative and have a love for art. Sign up for a freelancing website and work for the clients who are looking for a designer. If you love creating a logo, an art or a design then you can get plenty of work from these clients.  There are many websites on the internet that will help you hone your skills as a designer like Udemy and Skillshare by offering many free online courses.


The upside of working from home is that you can do more number of jobs which could be completely different from others. Also, the trend to earn money online only seems to be rising offering lucrative options for those willing to become their own boss.

If you wish to count yourself among the bunch of successful people working as a freelancer then just consider developing and polishing the skills that are the cornerstone of the field you are aiming at. If you have the passion for learning and the right dedication then you can soon earn as much money or even higher than your corporate counterparts are earning.



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