weird myths people have before joining gym

We all have come across many people who have several myths about gym. They spread rumors and stories of people getting injured at gym and dying due to accidents, which ultimately restricts other people too who are willing to join gym. These people are either unaware of the benefits of joining a gym or are too lazy.

We are going to discuss some of the myths today people have regarding gym. Better look at if you don’t fall for any of these.

1Gym is a waste of Time

People can spend time on watching worthless romantic movies every day but they find gym to be a waste of time. The reality is people don’t want to workout and they are afraid to step in to the gym. Don’t make excuses and join gym.

2Gym will cause injury

It’s true that if you don’t workout properly then you may suffer from injury but it’s not applicable to each and every one. Only two type of people get injured at gym during workout:

  • Those who don’t workout with proper form get injured
  • Those who lift heavy or we can say those who do ego lifting

To avoid getting injured at gym you should always workout under the guidance of a trainer. Gym trainer will tell you how to work out properly and will also give support while you will be lifting weights.

3You will become fat if you join gym

This is not at all true as different type of people join gym for their different purposes. Some join gym to become slim and some join gym to gain some muscles, some join gym to get ripped and some join to get huge. It totally depends on the requirement of a person and which type of training and diet you follow. So don’t get confused that people who join gym will become fat always.

4Women will become manly if they join gym

It doesn’t happen unless you inject steroids to your body excessively and this has nothing to do with normal people. Those are professional bodybuilders. So you don’t need to worry about it as all the models and film stars workout daily for at least 2 hours at gym and they are in better shape than most of the people who are carrying these myths. No women is going to get changed into a man if they workout. So please don’t spread these myths with people who are thinking to start a healthy life.

5Supplements are compulsory

Though supplements are all natural if not duplicated and cause no harm to our body if taken under professional guidance but it is not at all necessary that you have to take supplements if you join gym. You just need a proper diet which includes Milk, Eggs, Soy products, Chicken, Peanuts, Fruit juice, Green vegetables, nuts and Pulses. You can fulfill your need of daily nutrients and protein with this diet if you are a beginner and do average workout.

People will always have myth for things they don’t know properly. We assure you that you will have no harm if you go to gym and do proper workout under professional guidance. So start your search for a good gym from today. Workout daily and live a healthy life.



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